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My mission is I want to help you find the best freebies out there :)

About Me

Welcome to Freebies Storage :)

One of the main reasons I've started writing this blog is that i love collecting beautiful freebies and I think that many of my readers will find this useful.

Thoose freebies are collect manually by me not with automatic search engine, i'm sorry if among thoose freebies maybe you will find that the download link is already expired.

Please, remember to leave some love for those who are making the freebies, 'coz takes a lots time and work to create them.

Note: If you want to Thank me just click my Ads, it will makes me happy like hippo :D

... and If you have a freebies in your blog, just send me your link to this email scorpyscraps@gmail.com but i'm so sorry if i don't put your link to my blog, not because you are not good enough, but 'coz not all freebies fit with my blog vision.

Thank You.
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